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Best of the Best Virtual Tours: Machu Picchu

At Travel That Matters, we live/love to travel. So while we're unable to travel in real life, we're quenching our thirst for exploration by scouring the internet and discovering the "best of the best" virtual tours.

There are SO MANY to choose from, but this virtual tour of Machu Picchu really stands out as both informative and stunningly beautiful. Plus, we have the added bonus of hearing from Anne (the mother in the mother/daughter duo of Travel That Matters) about her experience there. (See below.)

Advice for the best viewing experience: Use your smartphone rather than a computer. With a phone, you can simply move your screen around to explore the sites. Of course, if you have a virtual reality headset, that's even better.

Now, let's hear from Anne:

Visiting Machu Picchu was high on my bucket list, so when I finally got to see it in person…well, the word "breathtaking" doesn’t do it justice.

Even though I had seen iconic photos of the site many times, I was not at all prepared for how I would feel when I entered the village.

In addition to "breathtaking," the words "awe-inspiring," "mind-blowing," and "other-wordly," come to mind.

How was this the location of an ancient civilization? How in the world did the Incas discover it, let alone build the magnificent citadel? All the stones fit together perfectly with no mortar. Expertly engineered aqueducts supplied water to the city. Miles and miles of roads traversed the rugged landscape. Everything was ingeniously designed...and such a long time ago.

I was fortunate enough to spend two days exploring the ruins. (I highly recommend spending that much time, if not more.)

During my visit, our group started at Outlook #1 (as seen in the virtual tour) with a beautiful meditation ceremony. Our guide then took us to the other sites shown in the virtual tour, always sharing insightful details. I was especially intrigued by the astronomical significance of the Temple of the Three Windows and the Temple of the Sun.

The next day we returned very early in the morning to hike to the far side of the peak and explore the Temple of the Moon.

To get to the Temple of the Moon, you must ascend the summit of Huayna Picchu and then descend to the temple. The altitude and the steepness of the terrain definitely tested my physical strength. Many times I wasn’t sure I would complete the trek, but with the support of our group leader and the spirit of the mountain supporting me, I made it.

From the majestic beauty to the soul-touching spirituality to the opportunity to push myself both physically and mentally, my visit had a powerful impact on me. Words cannot begin to describe it. It’s definitely a trip I will always remember and cherish.

Is Machu Picchu on your list? Have you already been? Either way, hopefully the virtual tour will give you something to dream/reminisce about.


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