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Destination Spotlight: Morocco

Whenever someone asks us to name our favorite travel destination, we have a hard time answering the question. It's impossible to choose just one! So we have taken a different approach.

Instead of picking one favorite, we share the destinations we would most like to visit again.

For starters, Anne would choose Italy to explore regions she hasn't seen yet. Angela would choose Kyoto in both spring and fall. Both of us would choose Morocco.

What’s so special about Morocco? Well, just take a look …

By the way, Angela photographed all the images in this post—except the one she is in and the last photo on the page (of Chefchaouen). We hope you enjoy!



Diverse Architecture

From ornate riads to ancient villages made of clay and mud, Moroccan dwellings are each beautiful in their own way. For example, beyond Marrakech you can find small villages nestled in the Atlas mountains. Just imagine what daily life is like for the people who live here. For a peak into their world, read CNN Travel's Life in the Atlas Mountains.

Unmistakable Design

Morocco's unique style results from the influence of several cultures, including African, Arab, Spanish and French. We just love the rugs, the poufs, the mirrors, the lanterns ... everything!

Medinas & Markets

Labyrinthine, bustling, sometimes intimidating, Morocco’s medinas and markets will engage all of your senses. They're also the best places to practice (and probably fail at) bargaining for the lowest price on all those beautiful designs you want to bring home.


When we spotted some camels wandering in the desert, our driver told us they weren't "camels" but dromedaries because they have only one hump. Well, we just did a bit more research on the topic and discovered that dromedaries ARE camels after all. If you care to understand the difference, the San Diego Zoo has a great article on camels that should clear up any confusion.

Street Animals

lf you love taking photos of animals, you'll have plenty of opportunities in Morocco! We even found a little turtle scooting around the rooftop restaurant of our riad in Fez.

The Landscape

From the desert to the mountains to the sea, Morocco's landscape is as unique as its design style. One of our favorite moments was our visit to ksar Ait-Ben-Haddou a tourist stop that's actually worth the visit. The ancient village/UNESCO site/famous filming location (even Game of Thrones filmed there) is still home to a few families. They actually allow you to wander around their homes! When we visited at the end of October, the place was mostly empty.

The Blue City

We weren't able to fit Chefchaouen, a.k.a. the Blue City, into our first visit to Morocco, and it's one reason we want to return.

Since we haven't been, we're using a stock photo to share the most photographed alley in town. When you visit, be prepared to stand in line to snap your photo.

If you're intrigued or inspired to plan a visit, we'd love to help! Give us a call or schedule a time to chat.


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