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Don't Get Caught with the Wrong Travel Insurance

Did you know that travel insurance plans automatically exclude coverage for pre-existing medical conditions? And not just for you. The exclusion extends to your travel companions, your family members and your business partner(s).

It IS possible to waive the pre-existing condition exclusion … if you know what to do.

Here’s an Example

David and Cindy spent a year planning a European getaway for their anniversary. About four months before their trip, they discovered that Cindy’s dad had a heart condition. He was on medication and was doing well, so they felt comfortable going ahead with their trip.

While they were traveling, her dad was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. David and Cindy decided to end their trip early and come home to be with him.

They assumed their travel insurance policy would provide coverage for their lost hotel nights and the cost of changing their flight. Unfortunately, because Cindy’s dad had a pre-existing condition (even though they didn't know about it when they started planning their trip), their claim was denied because they didn't have the pre-existing condition waiver.

Just think: If David and Cindy had been more informed, they might have gotten the correct coverage.

Most travel insurance providers offer waivers for pre-existing conditions—often at no additional expense to you—as long as you purchase your policy by a specified deadline (usually within 14-21 days of your initial trip purchase).

Here’s the kicker: The clock starts ticking the moment you make any purchase for your trip, even if that purchase is a small deposit on a future cruise that you’re hoping to take two years from now.

Of course, not all insurance policies or companies are the same, so whenever you purchase travel insurance, it’s important to carefully review the coverage amounts, inclusions, exclusions and waiver deadlines.

It’s also important to understand that “pre-existing conditions” are much more common than you might think and often cause confusion and frustration during the insurance claim process.

That’s why we recommend purchasing travel insurance as soon as possible to ensure you have the most comprehensive coverage.

NOTE: We do not sell insurance. If you have specific questions about policies and coverage, please contact your preferred insurance provider.

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