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Photo Gallery: Zimbabwe Safari

November 2019 / Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe / Photo credit: Angela Jacobus

We were SUPER fortunate to see tons of amazing wildlife on our 4-day safari in Zimbabwe.

We had MANY lion sightings, including a male lion lounging under a tree, doing his daily grooming .

We also saw a young male lion (top right)...See how his mane is beginning to grow? The young cub (lower left) was dozing near the older male lion (top left). We also got to spend time with "the supermodels," two lioness sisters. One sister is above. Both sisters appear below in the video. What an incredible moment!

She's not yawning, she's tasting the smells around her. Google "Flehmen response" for more info.

Fun fact: Giraffes are Anne's favorite animal.

Not only did we get to see a few cheetahs, we got to see one of them running! A definite highlight of the trip!

This is Ace. He might be the coolest cat around.

On this trip, we had SO MANY amazing encounters with elephants! We even dedicated an entire blog post to one of the most memorable experiences we've ever had.

This is the tiniest elephant we've ever seen. Isn't it adorable beyond belief?


Roan Antelope

Lots and lots of hippos.

Cape Buffalo. Did you know that buffalo kill more hunters in Africa than any other animal? In fact, they are known to ambush hunters that have wounded or injured them.

Leopards are incredibly elusive. Our guides kept telling us, "You will only see a leopard if the leopard wants you to see it." Needless to say, spotting this big cat was another major highlight of the trip!

Vervet monkey. Steenbok. Leopard tortoise. (We learned that this tortoise is part of the "Small Five.")

Grey crowned crane. So beautiful!

Zazu! (a.k.a. a hornbill) and the ever lovely lilac-breasted roller.


The ever-present impalas can get kind of boring ... except when they're sparring.

Kudu having a snack. It had rained recently, which is why it's so green.

Warthogs and wildebeest.

So many zebras. These unique creatures are one of Angela's favorites ... just after elephants.

We hope you enjoyed our photo essay!

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