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The Good Traveler’s Mindset

From miscommunications to missed connections, mishaps are inevitable when traveling. That’s why you need a good traveler’s mindset.

Whether things are going well or going to hell, keep these five things in mind.

Shift Your Perspective

No matter where you’re going, treat each trip as an adventure. In the moment, when something isn’t going right, it can be hard to have a good attitude, but it really helps to try. The next time you miss a connecting flight or you can’t find your luggage, it’s ok to be frustrated, but try not to take out your frustration on others, especially your traveling companions! Just take a deep breath, focus on resolving the problem as best you can, then let it go. After all, you’re on an adventure!

Embrace the Unknown

Traveling to new places where the language, food, and culture are vastly different from your own can be intimidating. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t understand what’s going on, try not to worry. Instead, embrace it. When you choose to be open to the unknown, you’ll notice how easily your perspective can shift. And remember, uncomfortable situations can become hilarious travel stories that you’ll share for years to come.

Stay Curious

Whether it’s your first time in a destination or your 50th, be open to discovering something new. Check out a site you haven't seen. Try new cuisine. Interact with the local people. Most importantly, imagine seeing the world with the wonder and joy of a child, and approach every encounter (good and bad) as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Make a Plan, Then Forget It

It’s great (and smart) to be prepared. Just remember that wonderful things can happen when things don’t go according to plan. A wrong turn could lead to an extraordinary view. A delayed train could give you the time to connect with a charming shop owner. Anything is possible when you remain flexible.

Be Gentle with Yourself

Let's be honest. It's not always easy to have a good traveler’s mindset. It's something you have to remind yourself to practice at every opportunity. So if you find yourself handling a stressful situation poorly, don't beat yourself up. Just take a deep breath and remember the tips above. The more you practice, the easier it gets.


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