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The Often Overlooked Benefits of Holiday Travel

Can traveling during the holidays actually be a good thing?

For many of us, just the thought of two words—“Christmas” and “travel”—can induce an anxiety attack. But believe it or not, a well-planned winter holiday vacation can actually bring your stress levels down and have long-lasting benefits for you and your family.

Here are six reasons why spending the holidays away makes perfect sense:

1. Double Your Time Off Most of the non-retail world slows down dramatically at the end of December/beginning of January. Teachers and kids are out of school. Most businesses are closed for at least a few days. This means you might just be able to extend a one-week vacation to two weeks, without negatively impacting your vacation time or your productivity.

2. Escape the Chaos Holidays can be a source of major stress for families. But just imagine if you didn’t have to juggle preparations, expectations and obligations? Imagine, instead, that you and your family are far away from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays because you had the foresight to plan a vacation months in advance. And because we’re here to help with the planning, you have the freedom to just pack and go!

3. Experience Something New

While you may be inclined to travel to a warm destination during the winter, we encourage you to consider some colder climates as well. We went on a mother-daughter adventure to see the Christmas markets in Europe and had an amazing time experiencing the holiday traditions there.

4. Create Lasting Memories Instead of one Christmas or Hanukkah blending into the next, you can make each year especially memorable. Explore new cultures. See new sights. Try new foods. Visiting a new destination with your loved ones can awaken a sense of gratitude in the whole family. And sharing a unique, common experience is one of the best ways to strengthen bonds and create memories that you will all cherish forever.

5. Leave the Housework at Home If you’re worried about missing your favorite holiday meal, you’ll be happy to learn that many hotels and resorts craft special menus to celebrate the holiday season. Whether you want a traditional turkey dinner, or something infused with local flavors, the key is that it’s fuss-free… and that means you don’t have to wash any dishes!

6. Discover Common Interests Traveling, in general, is a great way for multi-generational families to learn from each other. When you’re out of your routine and trying new things, you’ll discover things about yourself and your parents, kids, grandkids and siblings that you never knew before.

So, the next time you’re thinking about the holidays and getting stressed out, remember that you have an alternative! The real key is to get some professional help (that’s us!) … and give yourself plenty of time (6 months or more is not too early) to coordinate with your family so you can plan in a fun and relaxed way.

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