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The Truth About Guided Group Travel

Guided travel has come a long way over the past several years. In fact, it's evolved so much that most people have no idea what amazing guided group travel opportunities are available to them.

Let's see how much you know about today's guided travel with this short 3-question quiz.

Q: True or false, if you take an escorted tour, you'll be herded around in a large group?

A: False (if you do it right). OK, yes, there are still plenty of big bus tours that offer cookie-cutter itineraries, but there are just as many opportunities to travel in small groups (10-30 people) to off-the-beaten path locations. Better yet, did you know it's possible to create a private guided group with a customized itinerary that is designed specifically for you and your travel companions?

Q: True or false, guided group tours are for "old people"?

A. False. More and more often, Millennials are opting for small group tours over DIY travel. Of course, many people over 50 still gravitate to group tours because they appreciate the culture, comfort, convenience and overall expertise offered to them on the tour. But now, you may see them traveling with their entire family. In fact, due to the popularity of multi-generational travel, many tour operators now offer itineraries with activities that cater to both grandparents and grandchildren alike.

Q: True or false, all of your experiences will be touristy and inauthentic.

A: False. Guided travel usually gives you access to places and experiences you wouldn't even know about or could not arrange on your own. You might tour an iconic historical site before it opens or after it closes. Or accept an impromptu invitation to explore a local family's 600-year-old wine cellar. (This happened to us one time.) Or take a hands-on cooking class from a local chef. The best tour operators have the connections and relationships to facilitate intimate, authentic, culturally enriching experiences for their guests.

Plus, because the guides on escorted tours are locals, you have built-in opportunities to ask questions and learn more about their culture, customs and history, which they are passionate about sharing with visitors.

So how did you do on the quiz?


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