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In recent years, wellness travel has become a huge industry, but what exactly is it, and is it right for you?

Wellness Tourism, by definition, is travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological or spiritual activities.

The demand for this type of travel has increased dramatically, and the travel industry has responded by adding more and more opportunities for people to incorporate wellness into their vacations.

Case in point: Numerous resorts exist—all over the world—with the sole purpose of helping people live healthier, more balanced lives.

Whether it’s unplugging from technology, reconnecting with yourself and others, crafting a personal diet and fitness routine, or indulging in luxurious pampering, you can get expert help with whatever you desire.

Sounds great, but does wellness travel really make you well?

Actually, it does!

A 2017 study, which examined the effects of week-long wellness retreats, showed that “Retreat experiences can lead to substantial improvements in multiple dimensions of health and wellbeing that are maintained for 6 weeks.” 


Six weeks?! That’s pretty impressive.


But what if you don’t want to attend a week-long retreat? Does that mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of wellness travel?


Of course you can! Any time you can incorporate things like physical activity, healthy food and mindfulness into your travel, it stands to reason that your health benefits will increase.

We encourage everyone to regularly schedule a true vacation focused solely on relaxation and rejuvenation. If that vacation takes place in an exotic location at a gorgeous luxury resort spa, so much the better!

That being said, there are plenty of other opportunities—big and small—to increase the health benefits of your travel.

On the small end of the spectrum, you can simply make healthier choices. Walk from place to place whenever you can. Avoid over-indulging in fattening foods and copious amounts of alcohol. Make time in your schedule for a massage or exercise or meditation. Allow yourself to disconnect from the digital world for a few days.

If you want a bit more structure to your wellness vacation, and you’re looking for some excitement, many tour operators offer adventure-focused tours with wellness elements built into the trip. In addition to physical activities, like biking, hiking and rock-climbing, these tours often allow time and space for self-reflection. Not to mention the chance to safely push the boundaries of your comfort zone through off-the-beaten-path experiences, which can be incredibly enriching.

Expedition and river cruising also allow travelers to interact with destinations in unique, life-changing ways while being physically active. Imagine stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking in the glacial waters of Alaska, or spending a night camping in Antarctica, or biking from one port to the next in Europe. Back on board, after an amazing day of exploration, you can partake in a spa treatment before enjoying a healthy, locally sourced meal.


Doesn’t that sound amazing? We think so!

If you’re ready to incorporate wellness into your next adventure, let us help you decide which approach is best for you. Start now by scheduling a free planning session with us.

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